Hello, I am The Arcane Brony, programming is my biggest hobby! Here's a list of my projects.
These include, but are not limited to:

- Sugarcane
A high performance Minecraft server.

- Fosscord
Fosscord, an open source and selfhostable Discord implementation built around customisability.

- Booru Nav
A simple imageboard browser for Windows and Android.

- Silicon Bot/Omnibot/BotCore
A Discord bot framework with per server/use case extensions.

- ColorLib (unmaintained)
RGB color library for Minecraft, built with backwards compatibility in mind.

- SpigotAV (unmaintained)
A basic antivirus solution for Minecraft servers.

- YatopiaUpdater (unmaintained)
Automatic updater for Yatopia/Hyalus.

- PlugTheJams (unmaintained)
A plug.dj clone.

- MCClone/CCraft (unmaintained)
A basic clone of Minecraft.

- TheArcaneChat (unmaintained)
A chat platform built around the idea of simplicity.